Introducing Sustainable Little Tokyo

On July 5th, 2015, an article written by Chris Komai was published in the Rafu Shimpo:

As someone who has spent most of his adult life working in Little Tokyo (my 40+ years were divided almost equally between The Rafu Shimpo and the Japanese American National Museum), I have witnessed the ups (1970s) and the downs (1990s) of this historic and cultural neighborhood.

Over the years, many private and public projects were inserted into Little Tokyo, mostly indifferent to the needs and desires of our community.

So when I heard about the crafting of a community vision for Little Tokyo by its residents, non-profit organizations, businesses and religious institutions, I knew that this was an idea long overdue. The project was dubbed Sustainable Little Tokyo (SLT) and it has in a short period obtained some funding, attracted the attention of a national project and organized itself with three areas of interest for Little Tokyo....

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