SLT 2020

Sustainable Little Tokyo's new, short-term community vision and action plan as we head towards the year 2020.


As Little Tokyo approaches the opening of the Metro Regional Connector in 2021, SLT is creating the SLT 2020 community vision and action plan. Using fun, participatory, and arts-based activities, we collected community input from stakeholders, residents, and visitors. Through this community input, we will create a community-driven vision and action plan to continue sustaining Little Tokyo amidst the neighborhood’s many cultural, economical, and environmental changes.

A draft will be shared for feedback at the June Community Forum and the vision will be finalized in late July/early August! We will unveil the community-approved SLT 2020 Vision at Nisei Week on Sunday, August 27!


Street Engagements

For two months in 2017, we collected community input from over 125 individuals and 50 small businesses, using fun, arts-based activities at SLT and Little Tokyo Community Council meetings, Tuesday Night Cafe, LTSC + Lab's Bronzeville event, and JACCC's Ukuleles for Little Tokyo! 


Community Feedback

Please join us for the next Community Forum in June (TBA) to give us feedback on SLT 2020! Check Events or sign up for our mailing list for updates!