Updated First Street North Development Vision & Concepts

—July 2016—


Approved by the LTCC board as of July 2016, these are the updated concepts and needs of the Little Tokyo community vision for future developments on First Street North, as generated by input on the 2013 Sustainable Little Tokyo Vision Document by block stakeholders (cultural institutions, residents, businesses), the Little Tokyo Community Council, and other community members.


  • Development that contributes to/fortifies LT as an authentic, vibrant cultural destination reflecting contemporary and traditional Japanese cultural practices.
  • Integration of Go For Broke monument and future Go For Broke Development.


  • Development with a variety of housing on top of commercial/office bottom floor.
  • Need for retail and office space this is affordable to small businesses.
  • Leave middle of the lot for lower scale development (matching scale of businesses on 1st St.) and open space.
  • Need parking for tenants (residential & commercial) and for public.
  • Shared parking to maximize use.
  • A non permanent structure.
  • Need to maintain trash and vehicle access behind 1st street businesses
  • FSN neighbor protocols to apply to new development/property owners/businesses/tenants.


  • Need for housing affordable to lower income individuals and families.


  • Want some green open space but for active use, well designed to mitigate security issues. Not across from the Methadone Clinic on Temple.

  • Approve of taller building in the NW corner, but not close to 1st St or in the middle of the lot. Maximum height: 5-6 stories.
  • Building connects both looking into the lot and looking out to the street.
  • Linkages and connectivity throughout the block and to the rest of Little Tokyo.